Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Maisy Report

The Maisy Report blog is adorable. I love that she has a lot of great pictures of her stuff and looks like a really great give-away this month. Click on the maisy report on my side bar to check it out. Oh and one more thing that I like about her blog other than having really cute stuff like the idea above, she doesn't show you all of her comments they are tucked away like they should be. I hate having to scroll down through all of the comments just to see people say great job a million times!!! If I want to read it then I will. (sorry for the rant). At any rate she is worth a look even just for her awesome bathroom pics.

1 comment:

C Maisy said...

thank you...thank you....thank you for stopping by my blog. also, thanks for linking my blog and commenting.

I just love your response. why settle for one thing. you are brilliant.

be sure to check back could just be a winner.

good luck girl!!

idea stalked

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