Thursday, November 12, 2009

I think my blog skipped Thanksgiving!

I am in the middle of trying to find some finials for some decorations I am making. I normally post about what I am looking at currently and well ummmm.....I think other than a delicious pumpkin pie I have moved directly into Christmas. So sorry for those out there that are looking for great Turkey day ideas but you probably wont find them here.
I was mostly looking at color scheme on these projects. I think Christmas should be full of fun and color. I love what the most recent Grinch Movie did with the color and fun throughout the WhoVille city. Anyways these ideas were stalked off of a site that you can buy anything you see. It's called Trendy Tree if you want to go see! (sorry I know so silly having talked about a DR. Sues Movie and then the rhyming begins).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I know it's not chrsitmas yet but.....

I recently went yard sale shoppin' and found this really great old tin. The women said I had to take the stuff that was inside the tin too or their was no deal. So when I got it home I found that there were all sizes of foam balls in them. So in efforts to make Christmas decorations with them I did a search. Didn't find what I wanted but did find these little amazings.

The DIY for these lovelies is at HGTV

Can be purchase at colonial candle
(however it does look fairly easy to duplicate if you have the time, when my husband and I were dating he was too cheap to buy a tree so I made him one out of wrapping paper and taped it to the wall. I imagine this would be the same process)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not Martha

Recently went and stalked a site called Not Martha. This gal has so many great how to ideas. I'm excited to do a few of them for Christmas this year already. I think I love the name of the site just as much as some of the projects she comes up with. I am just wishing that I would have found her pre-halloween to snatch up some of her great ideas. I guess there's always next year or perhaps just playing a really good joke on some unsuspecting family member during thanksgiving (I know I'm a sicko but sometimes I can't help it). Anyways she's fantastic and worth the looky. Here is a quick teaser of what she has up.

I had never seen these before they are called party balls. A great little idea for a kids party. The concept is simple you start with a ball and place a prize inside.
Then you wrap the ball with a streamer and meanwhile hiding other goodies as you wrap.

In a different tutorial she shows how she makes her kitchen functional with some amazing organization skills. This little beauty that you could just see in the display room at Ikea for example>>

Check her out then come back and tell me what project you loved! Happy Crafting, Oh and Not Martha You have officially been Stalked!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weddings and Receptions

Call me old fashioned but when I found these pictures I thought they were a perfect example of how to take something old and make it worth a thousand words! I LOVED THIS IDEA!
In this first set of photo's I was trying to focus on the drums they have placed in sections of the yard. Wonderful idea! Than in the second photo, notice the amazing chandelier up in the tree!

Mostly focusing on the mason jars filled with the floral arrangement. (I have seen many times candle lights but this was a first for flowers.)

How amazing is that cake design?
(Please except my apologies, I forgot to take down the web address that I found these beautiful photos on. If anyone knows of the site would you please let me know, so that I can credit the blogger. Thank you.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Halloween with a little Sugar and Spice

Hannah's Tutu's

I have always thought it would be so much fun to dress up as a birthday girl for halloween and have everyone sing happy birthday. My brother did Santa one time and he got kids asking for stuff all night, even to sit on his lap!!!!
Hannah's Tutu's

Tiara's Boutique
(okay let's just say I luuuurve tiara's boutique)
My Creative way

tutubliss etsy

Tutu Fairy

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Urban Lifestyle Decor aka boundryless beauty

I stumbled upon some amazingness today as I searched for an idea for the redo of my living room. The blog is called Urban LifeStyle Decor The Author of the blog Susan Rapp took me on a journey of the beautiful and Rustic yet chic and left me wanting for more. It seems like things are painted black or white these days with a little spray paint and then just left with out much more thought or design, I my self am guilty (excuse me while I dust off the old me). Her collection of photos of the urban chic brings things to the next level and hopefully they inspire you to do the same. So here are a few things that I was drooling over as I wondered through her amazingness. Thanks for the great ideas Susan and mark your self as officially been stalked!

Black Bird is a collaboration piece with jewelry designer Hannah Martin + Jimmie Martin hand-painted art work upholstered with feathers.

*peacock blue: by fabulous jimmie martin

{beauty in decay: lifestyle photo above by james merrell} but I stalked it from urban lifestyle decor )

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The old and the Beautiful

This is the same window that I have done two different ways for two different rooms. The above is my daughters room just after she was born (look close you can see her in the crib). The below isn't hung yet but it's in my guest bedroom.

These following photo's are just some great ideas that have been stalked off of some great sites. I just wish the little buggers weren't so hard to come by here in Colorado. I was stalking this other girls blog and she had shown all of the great yard sale finds, lets just say I was waving my fist in the air I was so upset. People here know good stuff when they see it and they sale it in over priced boutiques. Just the luck of a cheap do it your self girl like me huh! Well Enjoy the photos and inspiration and hopefully you can come by these baby's easier than I.
From house to home
(have a few off of this site if your are looking for a ton of ideas for window panes go check it out)

This is outrageously awesome!!
designed by Linda Smith

designed by tin56 debuted on RoboMargo

idea stalked

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