Friday, May 29, 2009

Starting your day at the Beach

Then there was this little gem that I couldn't help but to post and because I love it so much I think we'll go ahead and kick things off with it. And I promise the rest really will be more beach based. Country Living
Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn
If I was thinking to myself about doing this theme for a bathroom I think I would say, "self the above picture is the idea you want. It's Beautiful."
Pottery Barn
Ok so I know this bathroom isn't decked out in the beach theme of this post but couldn't you imagine it that way. All it needs is an apothecary jar full of shells and a beachy pic and your set. This is from Kimberley Seldon who has some amazing classic designs. Found another gem I just couldn't help but to add to the beach collection. Found it at decor
Recently in honor of my new hobby of wood working I wanted to focus on this little beauty to add it to the idea above from PB

BHG's Spin on Sea Shell Decor

(this pic is for you haylee hope you bought the towel's and love them!!)

Oh yeah and this one from Pottery Barn couldn't leave them out

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wish we could do it like they do in the Mafia

Here's to u daddy.
Inspired by issue of American Funeral Director.

Monday, May 11, 2009

One more reason to get the bun in the oven already!

So I sat here like an idiot for literally five minutes over this one ladies. This room blew my mind. In fact I can't lie every time I look at it my eyes start hurting because I forget I have to blink. I just love it so much. This idea was stalked off of a new site I found called Design Dazzle. She has hundreds of ideas for kids rooms. There wasn't an idea on the site I didn't love but this one oh brother be still my pounding heart. I need this room in my life and I will cry the day that I move or have to paint over it. Talk about amazing moving design.

Why didn't I think of that

I stumbled upon this idea/website that has changed my life, well not yet since I haven't ordered anything just yet but I'll get there. It seems to me like there are a lot of adorable dresses out there that are too short. It's like they took the material enough for one dress and made two. So it's a shame trying to be modest and hip these days. Well this changes everything. These gals (I assume it's a gal) just let there slip show. I can see my mothers eye brows raising and arms crossed right now but it's not what you think. They have embelished a slip and it's suppose to stick out the bottom to add length and oh so much style. So the site is called Vintage Hem. The website I found it through said that if you typed in JENGET5 then you could get 5 bucks off. Anyways just something I loved!!!

Blessings Abound

Found a cute site called Blessings abound that does great giveaways. The current is a lime Ricki bathing suit who wouldn't love one of those!!!!


Always looking for a better way to organize and store your little girls hair accesories, this is perfect!
I know my ribbon is a mess, try this!
Here is a great way to recycle that old dish rack, make it in to a activity organizer!

Bedroom ideas!

Isn't this great!!!! This is exactly what I want to do for Tylee's bedroom! I love it! I was thinking in that same room, the lighting could be a chandelier. What do you think?

Hey Sis stumbled on a few more ideas to what you have, Found this marilyn trunk made from posters at Design Dazzle and she has intructions here. The Design Dazzle Gal also tells about a site called that allows you to make huge posters out of any thing you have for free. It's woth a whirl and I think it's right up your alley. Love ya sis

idea stalked

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