Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not Martha

Recently went and stalked a site called Not Martha. This gal has so many great how to ideas. I'm excited to do a few of them for Christmas this year already. I think I love the name of the site just as much as some of the projects she comes up with. I am just wishing that I would have found her pre-halloween to snatch up some of her great ideas. I guess there's always next year or perhaps just playing a really good joke on some unsuspecting family member during thanksgiving (I know I'm a sicko but sometimes I can't help it). Anyways she's fantastic and worth the looky. Here is a quick teaser of what she has up.

I had never seen these before they are called party balls. A great little idea for a kids party. The concept is simple you start with a ball and place a prize inside.
Then you wrap the ball with a streamer and meanwhile hiding other goodies as you wrap.

In a different tutorial she shows how she makes her kitchen functional with some amazing organization skills. This little beauty that you could just see in the display room at Ikea for example>>

Check her out then come back and tell me what project you loved! Happy Crafting, Oh and Not Martha You have officially been Stalked!

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