Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can we be friends again

I have been wishing for summer to arrive, not just to get rid of the snow, but for the return of all the wonderful food choices. My favorite being fruit. I never can get enough of the stuff. A few summers ago when I was pregnant with my daughter my son and I ate an entire watermelon by ourselves in a day and a half. Not something I am proud of but I'm sure it was better than an entire tray of brownies etc. So as I was walking through the grocery store a week ago I was thrilled to see Strawberries on sale and without hesitation bought two bins. Little did I know that the generally sweet smell of the berries would send my head and stomach whirling. I am currently in my last trimester (aka the trimester from hell this go round) in my third pregnancy. So in my efforts to hold onto my dear friends in the plastic bin, I found a few ideas that I love that use strawberries in hopes that I will be able to love them again.
Generally not a fan of mice but HOW CUTE are these. Would be way cute for a Ratatouille birthday party. Here's the Recipe from Family Fun.
The Recipe for Stuffed Strawberry Cheese Cake
The Recipe from Food2

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