Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cookin up something in the bedroom

So the hubbs and I haven't figured out what we want exactly in our next bedroom but we have a better idea than a few days ago. So as I rest from the packing I thought I'd put some of these ideas together.

Hubbs says he really likes the idea of a headboard with a bench or storage at the end. I also like the idea of a rug under the bed in this picture.

Really like this bed spread from West Elm and to tell you the truth I think I saw it in a few different colors at Wal-Mart last night as I went on a milk run. I wouldn't normally be bragging on something I saw in wal-barf  walmart but it is probably better quality than the one at West Elm seeing as my research has found that the pin tucks snap easily. Moving on.........Check out that amazing chandelier as well! (Don't know what they are thinking with the branch however.)


Like the idea of the old actors but I think I'd prefer it more of my and the hubbs or my kids. It being a master bedroom I don't know about having a huge photo collage of my kids or dead actors and actresses. I like to think of my room as a retreat, so we'll see what goes in them. I think this wall of photos could go really well behind the chair in the prior picture as all rooms need somewhere to sit.

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