Friday, June 13, 2008

Awesome fathers day t-shirt

Been thinking about something for bradley for fathers day. I would love to make something like this for him but I am not sure what I would put in the heart. If I put Vanessa's name it's like it's another women. If I put my name then is it really a fathers day gift. Briggs would just be wierd and putting dad or mom would be wierd too. We'll see what I can find at the store and I guess that will dictate what really happens for fathers day this weekend.

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dustyperle said...

so I ended up with buying a shirt that already had a logo on it and looked nothing like this. I then put vanessa and brigg's name on the inside of the shirt. It was like he just didn't get it. He couldn't figure out what the kids name's were on the inside and even when I said it was so his kiddos would be close to his heart he looked like he was dissapointed and then looked at me like I was the idoit. He then tried to convince me after I got mad that it really was a great idea. He does ware the shirt all the time now. Almost too much. So whatever, I tried and that's all that counts. next year I think I will stick to homemade gifts that we can make around the house. Amy had a few great ideas with making a tie out of duct tape, rocks painted that said dad you rock, and a poster with candy bars on them. Sounds a lot better than a disaster tshirt. I have decided I hate fathers day

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