Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Some cute ideas with TUTU's. These are so fun and I think every little girls ideal dress up clothing. I love how cute they look in them too. The ideal for Vanessa would be to have a dress up wall in her room so that she can become a princess at anytime.

Next time I am feeling froggy I am making this. It is so beatiful!!!

Love the bubbles in this picture I think it gives it a bit of whimsey.

I need to get some photos of Vanessa jo in her tutu and these were a couple ideas I think between the black and the white background I like the white. I don't know about the large block but the idea is darling.

I love the happy birthday tutu and need to do one for vanessa for her birthday!

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dustyperle said...

Made a tutu for vanessa that is two different shades of pink and green. I love it. I added a flowere on the back for flavor and put it on a head band for her to wear at the same time. I love love love having a girl. I want to make her one for her birthday that had the words init happy birthday. I went to joanne's and they had the big confetti there.

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