Thursday, September 10, 2009

The old and the Beautiful

This is the same window that I have done two different ways for two different rooms. The above is my daughters room just after she was born (look close you can see her in the crib). The below isn't hung yet but it's in my guest bedroom.

These following photo's are just some great ideas that have been stalked off of some great sites. I just wish the little buggers weren't so hard to come by here in Colorado. I was stalking this other girls blog and she had shown all of the great yard sale finds, lets just say I was waving my fist in the air I was so upset. People here know good stuff when they see it and they sale it in over priced boutiques. Just the luck of a cheap do it your self girl like me huh! Well Enjoy the photos and inspiration and hopefully you can come by these baby's easier than I.
From house to home
(have a few off of this site if your are looking for a ton of ideas for window panes go check it out)

This is outrageously awesome!!
designed by Linda Smith

designed by tin56 debuted on RoboMargo

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Lindsey Petersen said...

Hey Girl! I love your blog!

I just got your comment on mine! I am so sorry I forget to put your address on the post, That was really rude of me! I have fixed it! I hope you are not mad, it was completely accident!

Thank You so much for all your very fun Ideas!

idea stalked

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