Saturday, September 12, 2009

Urban Lifestyle Decor aka boundryless beauty

I stumbled upon some amazingness today as I searched for an idea for the redo of my living room. The blog is called Urban LifeStyle Decor The Author of the blog Susan Rapp took me on a journey of the beautiful and Rustic yet chic and left me wanting for more. It seems like things are painted black or white these days with a little spray paint and then just left with out much more thought or design, I my self am guilty (excuse me while I dust off the old me). Her collection of photos of the urban chic brings things to the next level and hopefully they inspire you to do the same. So here are a few things that I was drooling over as I wondered through her amazingness. Thanks for the great ideas Susan and mark your self as officially been stalked!

Black Bird is a collaboration piece with jewelry designer Hannah Martin + Jimmie Martin hand-painted art work upholstered with feathers.

*peacock blue: by fabulous jimmie martin

{beauty in decay: lifestyle photo above by james merrell} but I stalked it from urban lifestyle decor )

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