Thursday, March 11, 2010

UP Party ideas

This little model is from the DVD release party at Fenton's icecream shop. They had it so you could take pictures with it.

Up party ideas from Disney Family Fun

More Party Ideas at Blisstree

Up QUIZ: What kind of adventure are you?

UPDATE>>> So our Up Party turned out really fun. One thing that everyone loved is I printed out the 3D Up house and put it together. I didn't enlarge it or anything just hit print. At the party we then had a competition as to who could get there house to float the fastest. We did this by having helium balloons of course and tying  them through the house. My little boy loved it and carried the floating house around until the balloons sunk a day or so later. SO worth all of the cutting and pasting (I would recommend glue dots or double sided tape). We also did sundaes instead of cake with lots of fun toppings. I would do this party over in a heart beat.

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Looks like fun! smiles.

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